Thursday, May 2, 2013

God SAVE the U.S.A.

I took our flag down today.  It was time.  It was just time.

Did persecuted Christians in Stalin's Russia proudly fly their flag?  Do underground Christians in China proudly fly their flag?  Did occupied Poland fly the flag of Germany?  Neither will I.

Lee Greenwood’s famous song has been running through my mind all day.  The words make me stomp…and then cry.  I remember memorizing those words for a school program in the 2nd grade and can still recall the swelling of patriotism in my heart.  It was a seed of pride for my country that would grow with my politically conservative upbringing.  Three short months after high school graduation, 9/11 happened. I stood shoulder to shoulder with my fellow citizens, singing "God Bless America" at ball games and painting those words on the back windshield of my first car.  A few months later, after I was married, we decorated our first home in Americana and even adorned our very first Christmas tree in Old Glory’s red, white, and blue.  But then something shifted…2008...then 2012!

I began to seriously feel the pain when Catholics and other Christians in this country were outright denied their freedom to practice what they preach.  Then I wake up and we are funding the same Muslim Brotherhood who has infiltrated our country, killing and maiming fellow Americans on family outings like something out of a Middle Eastern nightmare.  Our president gives a diabolical speech to Planned Parenthood after 40 years and 56 million children have been legally murdered in the womb.  And then we decide not only to strip away religious freedom from church organizations but now soldiers.  Guns?  Hold on tightly if you can!  Refugees face deportation because the basic right to educate one's children is apparently a myth.  17 Trillion Dollars of national debt.  Ridiculous.  The daily news reads more like an episode from the twilight zone!

Reagan said, Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free. That time has come I’m afraid.  Our homeschool U.S. History lessons sound more like tales of ancient civilizations far beyond our reach.  And the darker events from foreign lands are like crystal balls into our future. Tyranny. Intolerance. Martyrdom.

Today my son asked me if America was “ruined”.  I told him it was sick and we are praying for it to get better (more like in cardiac arrest really).  How different the lesson is for him.  When I was his very age I was waving a little flag singing “God Bless the USA” on the school cafeteria stage.  I knew this was the greatest country in the world…because we had freedom.  My son wants to be a priest.  What do you suppose is in store for him?  I shutter to think about the possibilities, and I pray that his strength is not shaken.

The flag will be neatly and properly stored away.  I hope she can one day fly proudly atop our pole again.  Until then, I have rewritten the words to that song to more accurately reflect our current state of affairs.  Won’t you sing (pray) it with me? 

God Save the USA

                                                                If tomorrow all the things were gone,
I'd worked for all my life,
And I had to start again,
With just my children and my wife,
I'd hang my head in grief,
To be living here today,
'Cuz the flag once stood for freedom,
But they took it all away!

Well, it's sad to be an American,
Where we no longer are free,
But I won't forget the men who died,
In vain apparently,
So I urgently kneel down next to you,
To daily fast and pray
'Cuz there ain't no doubt, I love this land.
God save the USA!

Republicans or Democrats
It doesn't matter either way,
Guns, God, Marriage,
They're gone for good I'd say.
The debt is too damn high,
Babies are killed each day,
Reagan warned us soon this day could come,
Now it's time that we kneel and pray!

Well, it's sad to be an American,
Where we no longer are free,
But I won't forget the men who died,
In vain apparently,
So I urgently kneel down next to you,
To daily fast and pray
'Cuz there ain't no doubt, I love this land.
God save the USA!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NOW who do you support?

That's the big question this week for previous "Hucksters". The answer for me is fortunately not too hard. I had not expected him to run (or rather actually hoped he wouldn't). Oh, don't get me wrong. He is STILL my ideal president. I just remember the mud slinging and horrible media coverage he had last time, and didn't expect it to get any better this time. Who knows...maybe there is a VP spot with his name on it??

So I've had my eyes open for a few months, looking for my "replacement".

1st, off, Romney for me is a big NO. The talking heads who believe Huckabee votes go to Romney are nuts. Money can't buy my vote, he was vicious in the last campaign, and let me just give you one word: "Romneycare".

Pawlenty is a typical politician with absolutely nothing new to say....*yawn*

Ron Paul has some good ideas, but a bit too radical...EVEN for ME.

Sarah Palin is great, but would get thrown under the bus. I don't believe she's running anyways and she would make a GREAT Secretary of Energy!

Michelle Bachmann will likely run, and I love her to death....but I'm not sure I'd support her for president. I think we still need her in congress and as an unofficial leader of the Tea Party. She would also get the same Palin that would stink...

Rick Santorum is a great guy and I agree with almost everything he stands for...but I don't believe he has the guts or the strength to compete against Obama.

Newt Gingrich is OK. I would fully support his nomination. He's kind of "old news" to me. He was great in his day, but I think people are bored with him. If he did win the primaries, I think the national election would be a very close race, and I'm looking for someone that drums up LOTS of enthusiasm and who can dumb-found the

My TOP pick today is (drumroll please)....Herman Cain!

Herman Cain is a no-nonesense conservative; he is full of common sense sound bites therefore a great debater; he's 100% prolife (even in cases of rape or incest); he supports the fair tax (WHOO HOO); he's a Christian (Baptist preacher actually); he's basically Mike Huckabee on ALL those DUH!

How is he different (i.e. even BETTER) than Mike Huckabee? He was a very successful businessman (CEO of Godfather's Pizza but also executives for Burger King, Pillsbury, and started at Coca-Cola as a goal-driven young man who got the job when it wasn't even open!). He also worked for the Federal Reserve in Kansas giving much better economic insight.

Oh yeah....and did I mention he's black? Black or white I would love the guy. Oh wait...I belong to the Tea Party so I have to be racist...guess I'll have to look for somebody else! NOT! But can YOU think of a better weapon against Obama than a successful, conservative, black opponant? He could wipe the floor clean in a debate with Obama and steal the election with a landslide after dipping into Obama's crucial black voting block (the chunk that aint so happy about Obama's actions on DOMA).

So there you have it folks. Herman Cain is MY man! I LOVE Presidential Election Season :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Israel needs Huckabee

I've had my doubts on whether Huckabee would run in 2012, and after Mike Pence's recent announcement not to run, I'm now hoping more than ever that Huckabee decides to jump in. But after the current falling of dominos all over the Arab nations, at the same time that Huckabee visits Israel for his 15th visit, I am more hopeful than ever that Huckabee will come home motivated and impassioned with a desire to stand firmly against the threat that is swelling against us (and Israel). Egypt is Obama's Iran, and Huckabee is our Reagan to his Carter.

My favorite line from the article:
“It may not be popular position, but I think it is the right position,” Huckabee said of his support for the settlements. “I’d rather have people angry because they knew where I stood, rather than because they thought I stood somewhere and it turns out I didn’t.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck's Keynote Address on 8/28

I wish I could have been there. I tried looking into different ways of getting there, but in the end I couldn't go. I was there in spirit and watched it at home.
It wasn't violent, racist or a "pit of hatred" as the media predicted. Over 500,000 were there (they are still trying to figure the total out from pictures). Dr. Alvida King bravely spoke in the memory of her uncle. Sarah Palin spoke in honor of all mothers of veterans. And one of the now most hated men in America, Glenn Beck (wearing a bullet proof vest at the request of his wife) courageously called our country back to its founding principles and called to God to help us remember our divine destiny. The great experiment of allowing Man to rule themselves COULD end now if we don't turn back to God: the REAL giver of human rights and freedoms, NOT the government. His MUST SEE Keynote Address can be found here. It's one for our children. PLEASE watch it:

NOT Racist
NOT Violent